Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sharpies, Cars, Letters, and Exams

So St. Patrick's Day was fun. Learned that the REAL Irish DO NOT call it St. Patty's day, they get kind of upset. Finally got to do the bar thing with a really good friend of mine. One of our party drank a whole bottle of wine and ended up getting kicked out of a bar, but her "not/maybe/ex/who knows status" boyfriend picked her up. Major points for him, but I don't know the whole story there. The party broke up and myself and two other girls decided to pick up a couple of drunk men (don't worry, we knew them before that night, lol) and take them home. One tried to fix the sink and didn't even get to the kitchen, and the other passed out on the couch and we drew on his face and back with a sharpie. If I remember, I'll post a picture... or maybe not, some R rated things... either way, quite hilarious. Yes, I did do the whiskey, and rediscovered my love for jack and coke. Wednesday wasn't bad with the hangover, just craved grease. Love water.

Been trying to buy a car since I ran Henry into a house (NOT my fault, no one was hurt except my poor nails, and Henry was a 13 yo Toyota Corolla who was very faithful and dependable and I miss him) and almost got roped into a scam online. Love the boyfriend with the nerdiness. He figured out the domain of the email address this person was using was questionable to the extreme. I wasn't too comfortable with the way the transaction was going anyway.

OH! Almost forgot - handed in the resignation letter and the boss didn't take it that badly. She said sounds like this new job was good, as long as I was happy that was fine with her, congratulations and all that good stuff. And then, as I was exiting her office, she said "I'm sure I'll mean it sometime soon." That woman is RIDICULOUS. More bipolar than me. Needs time with a therapist. Lonely old cat lady. But whatever, I start April 1st and I'm EXCITED!!!!!

And of course, been studying. And studying, and studying. Hopefully it's not for naught. 3 o'clock today is the lab exam - wish me luck!!!

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