Thursday, April 30, 2009

Black Eyes and Puppy Love

Yeah, absolutely no posting, I apologize. Again. Just finished a test, one of those you come out thinking "well, at least it's over." That was the cumulative Lab Exam, tomorrow is the Lecture Exam over just Unit 3, then next Wednesday is the cumulative Lecture Exam. Yes, caps and everything.


We had a 6'6" hefty war veteran come in the other day and leave the following morning for the hospital. I walked in at 7 am and outside the counselor's room is this guy yelling that he wants a cigarette, looking to punch someone out. Poor little Bonny (counselor) got a packet snatched out of her hands... she's a little 5'2" skinny asian girl. She was an edge for a little bit after. Not that I blame her.

Yesterday one resident punch out another. By mistake. RITH is about 21 yo, really sweet to everyone... except his hallucinations. He's always challenging them to fights, running across the dining room to jump on them, wrestling them to the ground. Well, this time JEHA got in the way. Ya'll remember him, the shoe guy - the one you don't wear boots around unless you want your feet to be felt up. Anyways, everyone knows RITH didn't mean to give JEHA a black eye - he apologized profusely and actually gave himself a time out, put himself away in his room. No one even wanted to give him a shot of Haldol (the usual punishment for bad behavior, your basic anti-psychotic, aka tranquilizer). He didn't mean to. But poor JEHA... "Why are you all on his side?? I'm the one who got punched!!" Felt bad for him, but there is some amusement to be found in this story, I think.

Also, we had a new guy come in a week or two ago. WISK was trouble at first and went to the hospital right away, too anxious, not even the Haldol called him down. (He's the one who ate the apple core while telling me about law enforcement.) But he came back, and he's been a lot better - even to the point of sweetness, you might say. Especially for one, so named JO. Oh yes, lots of hugging in the hallways. And making out. And yes, it did happen - one of the counselors walked in on them humping like rabbits. ow OW!!!! It's really kind of cute to see them all lovey dovey in the halls... although everyone will say they are not an attractive couple.

Oh, speaking of cute couples... there's an older set on the second floor. They've been at this place for a LOOOONG time. They've been with each other for 10 years, having met at the nursing home. They are the sweetest older couple you'll ever meet. If for some reason they're apart, the one you're talking to is talking about the other who's away.

Moral of the story: Love can be found anywhere, any time.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Apple cores and fur coats.

Perhaps this blog will become me telling stories of my job.

Yesterday a resident told me that it was illegal for me to enforce laws I did not create while eating an apple core he had just asked me to throw out.

The day before that I chased an older women wearing bright red lipstick, long fur coat, and loafers. She was scurrying down the middle of the street. When we caught up to her, she said she just wanted to leave.

JR is calling me by my name now (not Lisa Madigan, whom I apparently look like), and QH almost made me cry yesterday because he wanted today off, like me, so he could go home with his mom.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Working with BPD

Might as well post some more thoughts, being as I probably won't be back on until my next day off (Monday).

There was another counselor at my work place who started a month before me. She has BPD and just stopped showing up to work one day, never contacted anyone. They didn't really have a high opinion of her in the first place, from what I gather. I was planning on keeping my similar diagnosis to myself for a while anyways, but now I really am worried. I'm scared that if they find out, I'll have to go above and beyond to prove myself. But no one will have to know as long as I don't forget my meds.

Also, my grandma just suggested a shock collar for my dog. Hell no. Very irritating to hear that.

Over and out.

Improper Meds

Again, it's been awhile, apologies all around. This whole full time job thing + school = barely enough time to read my email, much less write. But today is my day off. Will be meeting with my very good friend for lunch, studying, and going to anatomy lab. Which I missed last week, but that's okay b/c there are very few structures this week, meaning lots of extra time to "review".

So, article which makes me really upset: Mom Blames Improper Meds for Son's Condition. Basically, her son was overdosed on too many medications. This pisses me off for multiple reasons. Let's try to organize my thoughts.

1. G*dd*mn f*cking insensitive doctors!!! 'Scuse the french. Of course, not all doctors are dumb asses. I love my own psychiatrist. But for christ's sake, paying attention to your patient is pretty fucking important. (I've given up with the stars.) Past history and future follow-ups are absolutely necessary. I hope this kid's doctor (though I believe this "kid" is older than me) gets his license revoked.

2. This situation only increases the stigma against psychoactive medications and their potential helpfulness. Not to mention health care in general. There are people who believe medication is for the weak, that it's wrong and destructive. Personally, it takes a lot of strength to admit you need meds, that it's the right thing to do. Obviously, the destructive possibility is there. The line between good meds and bad meds is a fine one, and I've been on both sides of it. That's why you need a good psychiatrist, a good facility, a good social worker.

This whole situation is a result of neglect, and it pisses me off.

Side note: I hope this post makes sense because I'm having a hard time stringing thoughts together. Not sure why, maybe too many late-night shifts, or that I forgot my morning meds yesterday and took them at 6pm. Anyways, sorry if it jumps.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So sorry...

I LOVE my new job. Con: no time to waste online with the blogging. Or the facebooking.

Interesting personalities I've met on the new job:

JH: Haven't read his chart yet, but he's the guy who came up to me at my two interviews. Stared me straight in the eyes from two inches away, then wandered off. First day I sat at front desk with one of my fellow counselor ladies and he attempted to join us behind the desk - big no-no. She steered him away and informed me that "He was trying to look at your shoes." Apparently this man has a shoe fettish. Beware all those with boots - he will stroke them.

QH: Adorable 21 year old. Supposedly schizo-affective, but everyone thinks (and after three days, I agree) that he's MR - mentally retarded. Look at this new lingo I'm picking up. If you ask him "what's up?" you get "I'm fine!" in reply. Very happy-go-lucky. Decorated his room with help on the second day with some pages from a coloring book, including a blue dog... he was very proud. He learned my name by the second day, which made me quite happy. I love this guy.

(It just occurred to me: "I colored the duck blue because, well, I've never seen a blue duck before, and I wanted to see one." Hilarious movie, although admittedly quite offensive. I apologize.)

SM: Guy my age, also bipolar. Attempted suicide three times. Abused alcohol and marijuana, tried cocaine. He's probably the most normal (although will ask the required question, "what is normal?") resident there. Very typical conversations. He's been there a year and a half, and he's so close to getting out of there but he hasn't. Keeps getting caught smoking in undesignated areas and such. Once with marijuana.

I'll be back with more at some point I'm sure. Just time is an issue now... *sigh*. Btw, my boyfriend is studying across the table from me and it makes me quite happy. I have to leave tomorrow morning, which makes me quite unhappy. Take the good with the bad.

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