Thursday, April 9, 2009

Improper Meds

Again, it's been awhile, apologies all around. This whole full time job thing + school = barely enough time to read my email, much less write. But today is my day off. Will be meeting with my very good friend for lunch, studying, and going to anatomy lab. Which I missed last week, but that's okay b/c there are very few structures this week, meaning lots of extra time to "review".

So, article which makes me really upset: Mom Blames Improper Meds for Son's Condition. Basically, her son was overdosed on too many medications. This pisses me off for multiple reasons. Let's try to organize my thoughts.

1. G*dd*mn f*cking insensitive doctors!!! 'Scuse the french. Of course, not all doctors are dumb asses. I love my own psychiatrist. But for christ's sake, paying attention to your patient is pretty fucking important. (I've given up with the stars.) Past history and future follow-ups are absolutely necessary. I hope this kid's doctor (though I believe this "kid" is older than me) gets his license revoked.

2. This situation only increases the stigma against psychoactive medications and their potential helpfulness. Not to mention health care in general. There are people who believe medication is for the weak, that it's wrong and destructive. Personally, it takes a lot of strength to admit you need meds, that it's the right thing to do. Obviously, the destructive possibility is there. The line between good meds and bad meds is a fine one, and I've been on both sides of it. That's why you need a good psychiatrist, a good facility, a good social worker.

This whole situation is a result of neglect, and it pisses me off.

Side note: I hope this post makes sense because I'm having a hard time stringing thoughts together. Not sure why, maybe too many late-night shifts, or that I forgot my morning meds yesterday and took them at 6pm. Anyways, sorry if it jumps.

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