Sunday, April 5, 2009

So sorry...

I LOVE my new job. Con: no time to waste online with the blogging. Or the facebooking.

Interesting personalities I've met on the new job:

JH: Haven't read his chart yet, but he's the guy who came up to me at my two interviews. Stared me straight in the eyes from two inches away, then wandered off. First day I sat at front desk with one of my fellow counselor ladies and he attempted to join us behind the desk - big no-no. She steered him away and informed me that "He was trying to look at your shoes." Apparently this man has a shoe fettish. Beware all those with boots - he will stroke them.

QH: Adorable 21 year old. Supposedly schizo-affective, but everyone thinks (and after three days, I agree) that he's MR - mentally retarded. Look at this new lingo I'm picking up. If you ask him "what's up?" you get "I'm fine!" in reply. Very happy-go-lucky. Decorated his room with help on the second day with some pages from a coloring book, including a blue dog... he was very proud. He learned my name by the second day, which made me quite happy. I love this guy.

(It just occurred to me: "I colored the duck blue because, well, I've never seen a blue duck before, and I wanted to see one." Hilarious movie, although admittedly quite offensive. I apologize.)

SM: Guy my age, also bipolar. Attempted suicide three times. Abused alcohol and marijuana, tried cocaine. He's probably the most normal (although will ask the required question, "what is normal?") resident there. Very typical conversations. He's been there a year and a half, and he's so close to getting out of there but he hasn't. Keeps getting caught smoking in undesignated areas and such. Once with marijuana.

I'll be back with more at some point I'm sure. Just time is an issue now... *sigh*. Btw, my boyfriend is studying across the table from me and it makes me quite happy. I have to leave tomorrow morning, which makes me quite unhappy. Take the good with the bad.

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