Sunday, March 8, 2009

Can I Counsel Myself?

So on Friday I was offered a job as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Counselor at a long-term health care facility for the mentally ill. WHAT?!??!?! HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Problem: pay. Of course. However, I think that is a small price (no pun intended) to pay for the life experiences that will result from working with mostly schizophrenics and bipolar individuals. Never mind it's something I've been thinking about doing for my life career, but what I'll find out about... me. Not just because I'm kind of, not really, one of them, but because it'll be a trying job. Can I do it?? I'm sure as hell gonna find out.

Haven't said "yes" yet, because of that whole playing hard to get business and I need more info on the health benefits. Such as, are psych visits and meds covered? Like I'm gonna ask my future boss that out right.


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