Sunday, March 15, 2009

What a beautiful day!!!

Spring is my favorite season. Not just because that the first day of spring is my birthday (give or take a day sometimes) but because it's spring. It's growth, renewal, life. It's a reminder that after the dark, cold, and gloom, there's always a ray of sunshine, you can always begin again.

Never mind that it's just GORGEOUS.

Just got back from taking the dogs for a walk. They loved it, of course. Now they're super-exhausted, but doggy grins all around. I actually sweated a bit, because I underestimated the temperature and wore a dark sweatshirt... I forgot what the sun does to black. SUN!!!!!!!

This is a ramble-post, because all I've been doing is studying and making my hand cramp. Which is my own fault, because I make a game out of writing in small straight lines on computer paper to try to waste as little as possible. But yesterday I got through two weeks of lectures. Want to get through another two today, but it's gonna be harder... way too beautiful outside, too much pain in my wrist. But I have to if I want to party on Tuesday.



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  1. You are right about the seasons. They remind us that change is constant and that there is hope!


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