Monday, March 2, 2009

Just Keep Writing, Just Keep Writing...

alrighty. might as well, since i just spent the last 2 hours making this damn thing pretty. right about now it's time to shower. i didn't last night because i got caught up learning to play Go on my iPod touch (someone please help me). and since my meds give me irregular night sweats, it's about that time. but enough about hygiene.

SimCity has made it's return into my life - last time was about 7th grade, i believe. an iPod touch will do wonders to your ability to waste time. makes the train ride pass faster.

which reminds me: i couldn't find my 10-ride this morning (meaning $25 down the drain) so had to pay $8.10 in cash, a rip-off. also meant i missed my deer. probably wouldn't have seen them anyways because of the damn snow... oh well.

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