Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If You're Curious...

You learn something new every day. My new knowledge: if you wish to have a clean crotch, use ivory unscented for sensitive skin ONLY. Everything else will most likely irritate you and give you symptoms of herpes-like conditions. For example, my participant who came in today with fissures in the area between her vagina and anus - she was using a soap that was too harsh. She also had hard stools as she was constipated a good majority of the time, creating stress in that region. I assume ivory soap would also be of benefit for uncircumcised men - I'll ask my one contact if I ever get up the nerve. I comment only on the uncircumcised because circumcised men have no moist places for bugs to grow.

Ivory - The Name You Trust for Good, Clean Family Fun!

This is what I do for a living (as of now). The STD stuff, not posting.

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