Thursday, March 26, 2009

Okay, fine, do the gene thing

Whoa... sorry peeps, it's been awhile... although as far as I know, only two people read this thing. Gracias to you guys. :)

So previously I had expressed my exasperation with genetic studies trying to confirm that BPD and schizophrenia are hereditary, because it's obvious that they are, and has been for centuries (started up reading "Touched with Fire" again last night... probably will come by with more stuff from there... I know, I'm a bad person, I still haven't finished it after months of trying). I also stated that there needs to be more studies done on medication and treatment. Now, a combination of the two: Genetics Aid Treatment of Mental Disorders.

Gene DISC1, which I've read about before because it's part of the development of these illnesses, may also dictate how the afflicted respond to medications. They've also found seven proteins that would help the search for appropriate treatment. And really, that's all this article says. I so wish they would post a link to the actual article... that would make me so happy. Not only would it be more educational to the general public, it would give me more to write and comment about. But they probably don't do that because they want you to suscribe to the journal. Gotta love capitalism.

And I didn't realize this: “Schizophrenia is a devastating condition that affects around one in 100 people in the UK." I mean, I knew 1%-ish of the population, but stating it in that manner puts a whole new light on it. Of course, same for BPD. So prevalent, yet so few are willing to attempt understanding.

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